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An Overview of the Emirates Culinary Guild
The Emirates Culinary Guild (ECG) (www.emiratesculinaryguild.net) is the association of professional chefs of the UAE. It is a non-profit-making organisation, organised by volunteers dedicated solely to the advancement of culinary art in the UAE.

The World Association of Chefs Societies (Worldchefs) (www.worldchefs.org) is the 105-nation fellowship of the world's various professional chefs' organisations.

The ECG received its charter into Worldchefs at a ceremony in Stavanger, Norway on June 28, 1994, during the Worldchefs 26th World Congress. Worldchefs endorses the ECG as the authorized professional culinary association for the UAE. The ECG, thereby, has an international culinary focus and multi-national support for the staging of its various competitions, seminars and events.

The aims of the ECG, broadly, are:

  • To encourage and inspire young chefs through training and competition.
  • To enhance internationally the culinary prestige of the UAE.
  • To encourage UAE nationals to consider a career within the hospitality industry.

The ECG has a busy competition calendar. Each year the guild will take on the creation, realization and management of at least three major competitions: the Emirates Salon Culinaire hosted in Sharjah , the East Coast Culinary competition hosted in Fujairah;, and La Cuisine Du SIAL hosted in Abu Dhabi.

In addition to the professional competitions and events, the Guild also liaises with government departments and various commercial entities in the organisation of culinary expositions and amateur cookery competitions held during the myriad festivals and food promotions.

The highlights of the ECG's competition calendar are without doubt: La Cuisine Du SIAL hosted by Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre each December, and the International Emirates Salon Culinaire held in conjunction with the Expo Culinaire Expo Centre Sharjah exhibition complex in March.

Both culinary extravaganzas comprise cookery demonstrations, live-cooking competitions, live ice carving, buffet and banqueting showpieces, pastry showpieces and bakery and confectionery creations. The whole ethos of these events is dedicated to the celebration of food and its accoutrements displayed in all their pleasing forms.

During 12th to 15th May 2008, the ECG hosted the 33rd World Congress of the World Association of Chefs’ Societies. The congress persuaded 850 of the world’s leading chefs, educators and journalists to converge on the UAE to participate in seminars, workshops, expositions and cultural and educational exchanges.

The main focus of the 2008 Dubai congress were: learning about the food culture of differing nationalities; looking at food production; cooking food; eating food; sharing food and enjoying food.

The congress ended with a grand gala dinner deep in the desert featuring Arabian cuisine, culture and entertainment. The festivities were concluded with a breathtaking firework display set against the backdrop of the desert night sky.

Social media plays a large part in the Guilds self-promotion and the Gulf Gourmet magazine drive awareness around the globe. www.emiratesculinaryguild.net/, www.facebook.com/Emirates-Culinary-Guild-763644223697376/timeline/ , www.facebook.com/gulfgourmet?fref=ts , follow these links for more information on the Emirates Culinary Guild.

Membership of the ECG is open to all of those professionally and solely involved in the preparation of food.

Anyone interested in the ECG please contact us below.

The Emirates Culinary Guild

PO Box 454922 – Dubai – UAE

Tel: + 971 56 8014089.

E-mail: emiratesculinaryguild@gmail.com