President Message


We are in the midst of a very busy season in the United Arab Emirates; everyone is back to full business with pre-pandemic figures, but still, a lot of colleagues are struggling with the strength of the team.
We just had the world's biggest annual food show, golf tournaments, and tennis tournaments, which of course, brought extra traffic to Dubai on top of our tourists and business travelers.
Chef Majed and his team from the Syrian Chefs Guild are preparing to leave for Syria to support the earthquake relief efforts. The team is supported by Worldchefs without Borders, the Emirates Culinary Guild, and many partners and friends. A big thank you to everyone who supported those in need in Syria and Turkey.
Your Emirates Culinary Guild Team just finished judging the Dates Connection Online Competition. At present, we are in the middle of the European Legumes Competition. Great competition, great prizes!
"Do you want to win a trip to Italy or win some extra cash?"
Register at emiratesculinaryguild@ and prepare your favorite recipe with canned European legumes. Let us start, cook, and film. I am finishing my recipes and will do the videos soon. Good luck to everyone. Remember: great awards for the top 10 and certificates for everyone.
The international Salon Culinaire
I am sure many of you have started training for our International Salon Culinaire. Registration has just opened. We look forward to seeing you all from May 29th to May 31st at 'Expo Culinaire in Sharjah'. We still have a few exhibition spaces for our partners and friends. Do not miss the chance to present your products to the expected 4000+ chefs. See you all in Sharjah!
I am also pleased to confirm that we will host the Alen Thong Trophy for Young Chefs National Teams. Our longtime supporter, Mr. Rajan from J.M. Foods, has confirmed his support. Thank you to Rajan and the J.M. Foods team. Watch this space for more news and updates.
If you have any questions about any of our events, please do not hesitate to contact me or Mrs. Josephine Cuthbert in the Guild Office at
Thank You All!
Please visit www.emiratesculinaryguild. net to browse through previous issues of this magazine and to see the latest happenings on the events calendar. And visit wacsyoungchefs for young chefs to be in contact with over 4000 chefs across the globe.
Do not miss the opportunity to watch and subscribe to our YouTube channel at TheEmiratesCulinaryGuild
Please make sure to read the company profiles of our corporate members. We really do appreciate your support. Also, look at the Friends of the Guild pages to check out all our supporters.
Thank you to Chef Christophe Prud'homme and the Crowne Plaza Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road team, who hosted our February meeting.
The New Era of Gulf Gourmet has begun.
This is a heartfelt thank-you message to our former Editor in Chief, who has relocated with his family to Canada to start a new life. I vividly remember when Amaresh came to introduce Aquin to us about 12 years ago. After a relatively short meeting, we agreed that Aquin and Amaresh would run Gulf Gourmet for the Emirates Culinary Guild, and from then on, there was no looking back. We have seen Gulf Gourmet grow stronger and better every year. Aquin ran and supported the magazine from Canada as much as his time allowed him to do so. Once again, a big thank you to Aquin and the team for making us proud of our Gulf Gourmet.
My wishes go to Aquin and his family in Canada, wishing him great success in his new venture, lots of health, and a long life for himself and his family.

Culinary Regards,
Uwe Micheel

President, Emirates Culinary Guild