President Message



Dear fellow chefs, ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the June-July issue of our Gulf Gourmet Hope everyone had a good holy month of Ramadan and are enjoying good business.

I would like to wish everyone going on summer leave, a great vacation and lots of quality time with family and friends.

We organized multiple events for our members over these past two months, starting with US Poultry shawarma seminar and dinner brought to us by Mr. Bassam Bousaleh and the AMFI Team. Thank you for the education and great dinner.

The ECG Young Chefs kept busy with their events. The trip to Barakat Quality Plus was well received. Thank you to Michael Wunch and the team. Thank you to our two artists Samantha and Prasad for the Fruit Carving and Ice Carving training and demo. Thank you to Chef Diyan for hosting the event at the Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek.

The biggest event was the graduation ceremony of our million-dirham scholarship batches 3 and 4 at the

International Centre for Culinary Arts. Big thank you to Sunjeh and Shanaaz Raja and the whole ICCA Team for this great project. Without them we could not have done it. Read more about the graduation in the next two issues.

We had the chefs hospitality awards. Congratulations to all the five young chefs who made it to the finals and competed live in front of over 300 senior people from the industry. While we could only have one winner, all five delivered great dishes.

We are all looking forward to the East Coast Salon at the Miramar Al Aqa Beach Resort. Chef Prasad and his team are in full swing with the final organization. You will get the report and pictures in the August-September issue.

Please visit to browse through previous issue of this magazine. Visit to see latest happenings on the events calendar. And visit for young chefs to be in contact with over 4000 chefs across the globe.

Please do not miss the company profile of our corporate members. We really do appreciate your support. Also do look at the Friends of the Guild pages to check all our supporters.

Thank you in advance to Chef Avinash Mohan and the Palace Downtown Team for hosting the June meeting.

Culinary Regards,
Uwe Micheel
President, Emirates Culinary Guild
Director of Kitchens,
Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek
Assistant Vice President, WorldChefs