President Message


Dear fellow chefs, ladies, and gentlemen,
Welcome to the August-September issue of our Gulf Gourmet. I hope everyone made it through the summer okay given this difficult time. Though some hotels and restaurants remain closed, we finally see the market picking up. We hear some restaurants have returned to doing very well, which is good news. We do understand that many of our colleagues are still at home (many with no pay or reduced pay) and waiting. Hope you all have the opportunity to return to work very soon. I request all of you, even if you are in a very difficult position, to please stay calm and positive. Hold on to your passion for our great profession and industry. Together, we will weather this storm. We will keep our heads held up high and rebuild our great industry together.

Your Emirates Culinary Guild team was busy these last few months with multiple projects. First, we relaunched our YouTube channel and followed it up with a virtual competition that saw great results. See the winners in this issue. Soon after, we launched the next one in partnership with the US Meat Export Federation. The Virtual US Beef Cooking Competition is made up of four classes for professional chefs and amateur chefs. We received a great response from across all GCC countries as it was open to nationals and residents of the GCC. See the winners of this competition as well in this issue.

On behalf of the US Beef Export Federation and the Emirates Culinary Guild, I congratulate everyone for their great effort. We received many amazing recipes and videos and the finest 24 videos are on our Emirates Culinary Guild You Tube Channel. Please subscribe and watch all videos there. The next competition is the USA Poultry Virtual Online Cooking Competition brought to us by USA Poultry and Egg Export Council and United Soybean Board. The result and winning pictures will be in the October issue of Gulf Gourmet. On August 15 we had a very successful Virtual Congress. We will have more details and updates in the next issue.

Please visit to browse through previous issue of the magazine. Visit to see our upcoming events calendar. And visit for young chefs to be in contact with over 4,000 chefs worldwide. Please do not miss the company profile of our corporate members. We really do appreciate your support. Also do look at the Friends of the Guild pages to check all our supporters.

Culinary Regards,
Uwe Micheel

President, Emirates Culinary Guild

Director of Kitchens,

Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek