President Message


Dear fellow chefs, ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the October issue of our Gulf Gourmet.
Hope you and your family are all well and in good health. Some of us are still without work, as many workplaces remain closed or certain positions have been made redundant. Wishing you all the best and hope that everyone gets back to work soon.

Your Emirates Culinary Guild is staying busy. After the very busy summer program, relaunch of the Emirates Culinary Guild YouTube Channel, the US Beef and USA Poultry virtual competitions, we are already working on the next project. Help us promote our You Tube Channel by getting more people to subscribe and watch our channel and our playlist. We also have videos from members and friends of the Emirates Culinary Guild. If you want us to post your video, contact us emiratesculinaryguild@ We are happy to post them if the quality is good.

On September 15 we had a very successful Awards Event for US Beef and USA Poultry virtual competitions. Even keeping all the rules for social distancing, it was great to have so many chefs in one room again. Thank you Chef Ramulo and the entire Jumeirah Creekside Team for the perfect execution of the evening and the great meal. Read more about it in this issue. I would like to welcome our new corporate partner – Potato USA represented by GMA Marketing Management. If you have the time to watch the webinar brought to you by Potato USA and the Emirates Culinary Guild go to our Emirates Culinary Guild You Tube Channel and watch them. Your ECG also partnered with Host Milano for the “Risotto Quest”. Great virtual competition. If you have a Risotto on your menu, you should join this virtual video competition. We are also in the process of launching the next big one.

A virtual competition with USA Poultry and US Eggs – Sweet and Savory. Contact for more details and registration. The team has also started working on Salon Culinaire 2021, stay tuned and watch this space for further plans and updates. Please visit to browse through previous issues of this magazine. Visit to see our upcoming events calendar. And visit for young chefs to be in contact with over 4,000 chefs worldwide. Please do not miss the company profile of our corporate members. We really do appreciate your support. Also do look at the Friends of the Guild pages to check all our supporters.

Culinary Regards,
Uwe Micheel

President, Emirates Culinary Guild

Director of Kitchens,

Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek