President Message



Dear fellow chefs, ladies, and gentlemen

Welcome to the October issue of our Gulf Gourmet.
Everybody is back from the summer break and the culinary season has begun.
We had a busy September with lots of activities. On September 9, the ‘USA Egg Council Young Chef Hands-On Seminar’ was a full house. The following day they oorganized the Mini-Plated and Seminar.

And that evening, our monthly Guild meeting witnessed over 150 attendees. On the 24th was the US Poultry Seminar with presentations from Mr. Bassam and Mr. Khalid. It began with a dinner comprising US turkey, duck and chicken.

We also had recipes using US chicken leg quarters. On the 29th, many of our members took part in the 2nd Syrian Salon Culinaire at the Cove Rotana, Ras Al Kaimah. It was a great event with a focus on traditional Syrian dishes. I would like to use this platform to send a big mabrouk to Chef Majed and the Syrian Guild for the successful event. A big thank you also to Chef Chady and the Cove Rotana Team for the big support in hosting the event.

We had our first “Chefs Table” Competition at the Hotel show last month, we partnered with dmg and introduced this new team competition including kitchen, service and bar. The competition was well-received by the teams, organizers and sponsors. Congratulation to all the winners and thank you to all the partners, Carrefour, Diversey, Nespresso, Intermetal and Gemini for the great chinaware. Right now, our culinary junior and senior teams are training in full swing for the Culinary World Cup to be held in

Luxembourg this November. We will be travelling with pastry chefs and artists as individual competitors, plus both the senior and junior teams.

Culinary Regards,
Uwe Micheel
President of Emirates Culinary Guild
Director of Kitchens
Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek